Still Here

Just so no one forgets about YU Blog?!, here is a photo to ponder. I expect to be posting regularly again, now that I have emerged from my self-imposed, work related hibernation.

I'd like to thank the posters who took part in the previous controversy about the NY times article. I'd also like to add that my mother phoned in to comment. It is her opinion that "Cultural Judaism" has no future, because it provides no continuity for future generations. One person's definition of Judaism may work for that individual, but without the tradition of Moses to carry the religion, it will fail.

Thanks again to everyone that commented. I look forward to hering more from you in the future.
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Josh Yehaskel said...

To me that picture represents the "cultural jews", or jews that add a little flavor and color to our religion, surrounded by the typical, elitist "religious" jews in black and white. Granted, their may be no continuity, and ultimately they may die out, but at the very least, while they are around, they bring some enjoyment to the religion, and spice it up a bit. When everything is black and white, things tend to get dull very quick, very fast.

Sammy C. said...

Looking at this interesting picture the question that comes to my mind is why blue? IS it a pepsi can or an underlying meaning the photographer is trying to sneak in. I think the blue represents sadness. Either way I like the pic. a lot. Love.

tani said...

Very nice Gringo, I dig the photo. It speaks of urban decay and failed recycling. The blue can is the faint glow of hope that commercialization pretends to offer, but since it is a false hope it's bound to rot and turn grey like the cans surrounding it. This picture represents the rape of our Earth by over-commercialization. We stand surrounded by products pulsing with life but in fact are only harbingers of death, like Pepsi. Brilliant, Alex, brilliant!