Another Article

CNN.com - Gaza spirals into lawlessness - Jan 2, 2006: "It appears as if Gaza has degenerated into anarchy."

Here's another article for controversy. I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.


Mordy said...

Alex, you know I love you like a brother (or at least a distant cousin), but I'm going to be critical for a moment. When I want to read a blog about Israeli news, a myriad of them exists. When I want to read a blog about YU, there is only one (well, three, but rarely updated).

Can we not go to the whole politics thing? Unless it's discussing YU local politics, or the political beliefs of YU students? It just rubs me the wrong way. There are so many other things to talk about.


Grange said...


Thanks for the complaints (just in case you don't remember, YU Blog?! was founded on an anti-complaining agenda, read the first post if you don't). Israel news affects the YU community, so I thought the article relevant for YU Blog?! I'm sorry you were rubbed the wrong way. I've always hated a bad rub down.

What beyond the rubbing do you dislike about non-YU related politics?