Venetian Dream

This is a "digital doodle" I made in class last night. Its two photos I took this summer on the YU trip to Italy.

I was thinking the other day about double exposure pictures, which are two photos taken on the same piece of film. Thus, one shot is overlaid on another with interesting results. I was wondering how to duplicate this in the Photoshop age and this is what I came up with.

The difference is the lack of randomness. Here, each part of both pictures, their various color saturations, etc. have all been decided by the photographer. With film, you never really knew what would turn up till the print was made. I'm a big digital over film advocate, but in this instance, I miss the randomness.

I'm working on a method that might recreate the process of double exposure, with all its randamtivity, but with film. I'll let you know how it turns out. Until then, let me know what you think of this photograph (or is it a photograph, maybe its more like a painting...).


Goldie said...

Is that a Man Ray or is that a...Grange? Do I need to get some more contemporary photography references? Probably. Paintings rock, I mean, the paint is key, but digital Italy doodles work as well. Here's a haiku using words from my post:

Digital Italy Man
Ray, get some mean paint.

Sammy C. said...

I think the picture is a success! I am not so sure that you could have gotten a lot more out of it with randomness. I think the way in which the two photos come together is in sync to the sperate meanings of the individual pics.
It looks very much like a painting.
Stay smooth stay real.