A Goodbye and a Hello

Update: many of you have asked how to sign up for the newsletter (so far called Insights Newsletter), so here's a handy link to do so:

But first, an apology.  It's been well over a year since my last post, when I promised the imminent announcement of a new project.  For that, I am sorry. What follows is a list of excuses explanations for my delay:

  1. I finally bought a typewriter. (See the image on the right for proof).  Many of the musings that would have ended up on this blog are now in a three ring binder on my shelf.
  2. I moved to Chicago.  This presented NYC Blog?! with an existential crisis from which I am only now recovering.  
  3. Work on said imminent project has taken me longer than I originally expected and has mutated several times since its inception.
  4. General procrastination.

Which leads me to the Goodbye. The result of the above and other forces have led me to finally put to rest NYC Blog?! (formerly, for those who recall, YU Blog?!).    Thank you constant and intermittent readers for sharing this journey of "sporadic comments about New York City, Art and Life (mostly my own)" with me.

As I just looked back to the very first post, I was surprised to see its fitting title, considering the title of the present post: "Hello" published (also fittingly) in November 2005.  Exactly 8 years to the month.  It's nice to know a common thread runs through me after all this time.

And now, the Hello.  That is, hello to PhotoMoments.com and a newsletter.  This is the promised project as grown into these two developments.  PhotoMoments is a photography site I have developed that you can read more about at the link above.  The newsletter will replace many of the musings that would have ended up on this blog, and it will also contain tips and tricks for navigating modern life.  I have yet to think of a name, which may make the Hello a bit premature, but I'm working on reducing #4 from above so here we are.

Well this is it, where this whole thing has gone.  It was fun so far, and all along.

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