Bike Ride to the Battery

On Friday I took my usual bike ride down to Battery Park and back. I almost rode north instead, but the sun glinting on the Hudson was too much to pass up.

You can track my progress HERE

I usually just follow the path along the river, but on this ride I followed a curving hill (mountain) at 125th up to Grant's Tomb. It was steep, but worth it for the long glide down to 96th, where I again met up with the path.

This detour was not the highlight of the trip, though, as that wouldn't come until I almost turned back for home. Just as I reached the parking lot near the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, I almost collided with a wild turkey! Here's a photo:

I had heard about him from Curbed, but never expected to see the guy. He looked disheveled, but in good spirits. He found some peanuts to snack on, as he's doing in the above photo. I wonder how he got into the city...

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