An End and a Beginning

I’d like to take a step aside (maybe forever) from my German recollections and tell everyone about two things that have come to my attention.  The first is the end of an era –Dougie’s on 72 street has closed.  I would have thought YU orders alone could have kept the place open, but it seems hungry YUers were not enough.  

Not to worry though, the chain still has a presence in Manhattan.  There is a Dougie’s Express at 74 W. 47th Street.  I never went there often, but every once in a while I crave their pastrami burger.  It’s good to know I can still get one in the city.

I would also like to share with everyone a book my friend Elan Mosbacher just published.  Here is the official blurb:

Sticking to Israel: Israeli Society Through Bumper Stickers is a coffee table book with photographs of hundreds of political bumper stickers, graffiti, and posters, complemented by translations and related pictures. The book shares many opinions that the media rarely addresses including conflicting, politically incorrect, and humorous political and religious assertions. The book portrays Zionistic, anti-Zionistic, right wing, left wing, political party, politician specific, army, religious, Nachman, Chabad, and miscellaneous themes of bumper stickers, graffiti, and posters from around the country.  Arabic and Chinese bumper stickers from Israel are also included in the book.

And here are some rave reviews:

"Sticking to Israel presents to an English-speaking audience a unique look at Israeli political culture on the ground. The book is an invaluable source of material for understanding the quotidian experience of Israelis -- how politics comes to them on the street, and how they go about expressing their views in the visual marketplace of everyday life. And besides, the images collected here are a fun reminder of the vibrancy  -- and outspokenness -- of Israeli democracy."
Dr. Eric Zakim,
Asst. Professor
of Hebrew Language and Culture
At the University of Maryland.

"Sticking to Israel is an unvarnished look at life on the ground in Israel today and, while its wisdom may derive only from bumper stickers, it's helpful especially to Americans who have a hard time taking the pulse of Israel."
                              -Stephen J. Dubner,
New York Times Journalist and
Co-Author of Freakonomics

Finally, here is an article about the book.  I’m sure Elan would be interested to hear what everyone thinks about his project.  Feel free to comment about it.

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Goldie said...

It'd be cool if my dad's Suburu was in there. One time, a guy in the library parking lot in Atlanta asked me if I wanted to read a copy of the Messiah's transcript that he had in his car. I was like, "okay, no thanks crazy!"