The Slow Motion Brain State

I must be crazy for posting today; I’ve spent the last seven hours writing a paper due this Thursday.  I have another six page paper due Tuesday, and a ten page paper due the Monday after that.

I’ve gone into self-induced hibernation for the next few weeks.

I can only write so much.  After that, my brain starts to work in slow motion.  I’ll sit and change a sentence for five minutes.  I won’t make different corrections, rather I’ll go back and forth between two corrections over and over, each one sounding correct.  

It’s at this point I realize its time for a break.

I’ll get up and walk into the kitchen, turn around a few times, and walk back to my desk.  I can usually squeeze out another few sentences, before my brain slows down again.  The longer I write the more walk around breaks I have to take.  

This state usually lasts through finals, till next semester.  Sadly, there is no next semester for me, for this is my last at YU.  Part of me will miss the slow motion brain state of finals time.  But really, this time happens every day, just after I wake up.

The morning routine is so engrained within most of us, we don’t even know what were doing.  When I think back to the early morning, all I remember are the words,

“Max Fresh, with Breath Strips”

My best guess is it comes from the words on my toothpaste.  I think I must read and reread it as I brush my teeth.

The only other time the slow motion brain state occurs is just before I fall asleep.  For more on this, see the “Sleep Ramble” post.


josh becker said...

wait! what are you doing next semester? where are you gonna live? my brother will be at YU>

Goldie said...

I hear ya, bro-ham. but hey, at least you can be all like, "this is my last paper EVER, yea! Deal with it, losers!!!"
See I don't have that satisfaction. It's like, "hooray, my last paper before...the one due next week...awww."

Grange said...

Josh B. I'll be around to see you're bro, don't fret. Working Probably.

And Goldie, I hear you. Paper's suck, but keep at it. Its over before you know it, and then you just might wish it wasn't.